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Yiwu chengtong international freight co., LTD., is founded in 2008, headquartered in zhejiang yiwu.Chengtong has registered branch offices in Beijing and jiangsu nantong, respectively, in guangzhou city, set up branches at the same time.Chengtong international logistics co., LTD is a professional to provide China to Russian national normal clearance land transportation, air transportation, sea transportation expressage logistics company, mainly to undertake a nationwide to Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg's air transportation .land transportation sea transportation services.Chengtong international logistics co., LTD.
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10 years of industry experience, a clearance from the security and transport process has very high controllability,
If there are unexpected events such as surprise checks, will be the first time to remind customers and reasonable to avoid.
Where the lost phenomenon of goods, we will according to the value of your insurance in full payment.
According to the customs of different names are not the same, making all the transport of goods according to the name of different.
All of the company's freight standard according to the cost of transportation and customs clearance commodity need to develop a reasonable cost etc.
The company has a strong professional logistics team of Russia,
According to your goods to provide the fastest, most appropriate logistics solutions,
All routes are working with the Russian customs clearance companies have been the most safe and efficient route
Payment can be used on the collection, cash on delivery, rest assured that
1*24 hours customer problem response service / 7*24 hours after sales hotline service
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