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China to Russian land transportation , The east line: YIWU (Guangzhou) - Beijing - Suifenhe - Khabarov - Moscow shipping time: 15-18 days  

The  west  line :YIWU-  All the latah port- almaty - Moscow  shipping time: 18 to 25 days 

Customs clearance, turnkey one-stop service! We can according to the actual situation of your goods, to provide you with convenient, worry logistics solutions in the whole process of the Russian double clearance to reach city:

Moscow, st Petersburg, the east port, Vladivostok, ussuriysk, il kursk, rove, ulan ude, get, tomsk, ryazan, novorossiysk, krasnoyarsk, perm, Novosibirsk, chelyabinsk, tnk-bp, kazan, yekaterinburg, rostov, and bill, vladimir, samara, omsk, kemerovo, ufa, pskov, volgograd, novorossiysk, belarus, etc.The company's superior service:

1, more secure: goods Banks query , can let you know in time to the goods of real-time transport conditions, the first time avoid risk;Help you save worry!, 2, "one-stop" work style: contraband, regardless of any commodity, whether any brand, we can guarantee the complete customs clearance, domestic delivery, receiving abroad! save time and effot, 3: good service: according to the different commodity name of customer, provide the most convenient logistics solutions, all insurance of the goods, if you have lost the goods, services used to compensate first, when receaiving full pay directly!

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