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Russia's economic recovery big western companies to expand investment in Russia

Author:Admin    Published in:2016-11-30 11:16:38   

Russia today "website on November 23, was quoted as saying the bloomberg reported that report, the Russian economy gradually recovered after the recession, the west a few large companies are stepping up investment in Russia.
Ikea of Sweden and France leroy merlin group, world famous retailers such as thought, the Russian market after two years of recession will have great potential, has poured billions of dollars to invest in factories and shops in Russia,.
According to the report, leroy merlin group will cost 2 billion euros (about 14.605 billion yuan), the group is doubling the number of stores in Russia.At the same time, the American Mars food company also began in the local production of chewing gum and pet food.
Reported that over the next five years, ikea plans to invest $1.6 billion (one hundred million yuan about 110/62) set up the new store in Russia.Earlier in 2016, ikea has been in the Russian city of nizhny novgorod opened a $60 million worth of factories, but also purchased a land near st. Petersburg, ready to build a new shopping mall.
Ikea, according to bloomberg in Russia, said: "now is the opportunity to investment, I firmly believe that the Russian market has the potential for long-term development."
According to the report, in 2014, western countries due to the implementation of a series of sanctions against Russia Ukraine conflict, foreign companies to slow investment in Russia.Big companies such as general motors has had to cut back on its business in Russia.The rouble devaluation is sharply reduced operating costs, but the company's incomes thus reducing the dollar and the euro.
Recently, the President of the European business association frank salt, said: "for Russia, is undoubtedly a disaster the past couple of years. Now, things are getting better, the rouble has stabilized, Russia's economy is expected to soon resume development."
Russia's central bank assembly, according to data from the first nine months of 2016, the country's foreign direct investment has been increased to $8.3 billion, in 2015, the year of the investment of just $5.9 billion.This number, however, are still below pre-crisis levels of Ukraine.

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