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Russia's port of shipping

Author:Admin    Published in:2016-11-08 16:17:16   

VLADIVOSTOK (VLADIVOSTOK) also known as VLADIVOSTOK, is the end of the trans-siberian railway and the end of the northern route.
St. PETERSBURG (st. PETERSBURG) bay river port, a free trade area.
VOSTOCHNY (VOSTOCHNY) one of Russia's far east port.
ALEKSANDROVSK (Alexandra rove tusk) Russia's far east a transit port, sea and air to Vladivostok and okhotsk, etc.
IGARKA Galveston card (Iraq) timber exports, Russia's biggest north port.
KHOLMSK (holmes)
NEVEL 'SK (nie Wells grams) of the Russian far east port, is also a fishing port.
NOVOROSSIYSK (NOVOROSSIYSK aka nuovo LuoXiSiKe) Russia's biggest crude oil output port.
OKHOTSK (OKHOTSK) Russia one of the main port in the east.
PORONAYSK sakhalin island (polo bernays grams) in the middle of the harbour.
TUAPSE (figure's x) Russia's southern port of an oil output.
UGLEGORSK (Glenn gores grams) of the Russian far east foreign trade ports.
Nino VANINO (tile) the third dagang of Russia's far east.

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